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Corporate Team Building

Do you need to get your group to bond and work together? Do you need to challenge your team or have them challenge each other? Are you ready to get everyone out of the office for a fun day? Try something everyone can enjoy!

At A&S Culinary Concepts we have great ideas to build your team. We can have your team working together to prepare a gourmet meal. Or if you prefer, break your group into teams and have a heated “Battle of the Chefs,” from novices to Food Network superstars.

Creating customized events to fit the needs of your specific group is our specialty.

Whether you want to spend a few hours or a have a full-day meeting, we have the facilities to meet your needs. If you choose to have a full-day meeting, set up in our space. We will provide breakfast, snack breaks, and lunch. The afternoon will be your “ultimate corporate team-building experience,” with your group preparing the dinner. We can also host your team for a few hours of afternoon or evening fun, enjoying delicious food that they have teamed up or battled to prepare.

Programs include but are not limited to:

Cooking with the Chef

Work with our chefs to create a culinary masterpiece of delicious and spectacular food in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Executive Chef

Do you want to find out who is truly the “Best Chef” in the office or if he or she is just bragging about weekend feats in the kitchen? The “Executive Chef” tests your team and is a great team builder.

Mystery Basket

Could your team come up with an interesting and tasty dish if presented with a mystery basket of ingredients? Could they work as a team to prepare the dish in a set time limit? Are they competitive and hate to lose?

Salsa: Is it Delicious or a Dance?

Tomatoes, fruits, chilies, jingles and slogans….Teams are challenged to make the best salsa while also coming up with a slogan or jingle to sell their salsa.

Boy, Is It Chili

Does the group enjoy a nice warm bowl of chili? Does anyone on the team brag about making the best chili? Let them prove it! We will supply the meats (beef, pork, chicken, turkey and sausage), beans and vegetables. Your teams supply the recipes.

Cupcake Challenge

We supply a very stocked pantry and recipes for several types of great tasting cupcakes. Your teams need to follow the recipes and decorate the cupcakes or they can use their own recipes and go wild.

“Egging” Them On

Work with our chefs to create a culinary masterpiece of delicious and spectacular food,  all prepared on the BIG GREEN EGG. Call us to create the perfect team-building experience for your group.
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